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1 1841 Census

Joseph Rankin age 70 and daughter Elizabeth Rankin age 35

Living at High Street, Epping, Essex

Also living at that address were :
Sarah Champness 25 years
Kate Champness 3 years
Oswald Champness 2 years 
RANKIN, Joseph (I0229)
2 1851 census

Family address : Nunwell Gate, Coach Lane, Brading, Isle of Wight, UK 
WRIGHT, William (I0275)
3 1871 Census reveals Alfred as a draper at Twinham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex RANKIN, Alfred George (I0474)
4 1881 Census : Dick & Elizabeth living at 61 Roper Street, Oldham SHEPHERD, Dick (I0189)
5 1911 Census shows Elsie employed as domestic servant/cook at the home of Alexander & Kathleen Gordon at St Helens, Isle of Wight.

Nana (Elsie) also spoke about working at Carisbrooke Castle near Newport, Isle of Wight before migrating to Australia (not confirmed) 
WRIGHT JOLLIFFE, Elsie Lilian (I0086)
6 Ada was the beneficiary of her brother's (Ernest) will dated 27-5-1919 RANKIN, Ada Lizzie (I0487)
7 Albert Leathan was father of 12 children with Hilda Jane Bennetts - but NOT Ormond Frederick Bennetts LEATHAN, Albert Victor (I0410)
8 Annie's burial notice from Find a Grave records her grave site as Annie Nancy Mornane Rankin but the gravestone shows Annie Nancy Rankin. MORNANE, Annie Nancy (I0237)
9 Apparently William Jolliffe fathered all Louisa's children but the couple weren't married until 22/4/1894. However, there is a recorded marriage of William and Louisa dated 31/10/1886!

That marriage is questioned because mother and three children were in the workhouse (without the father) in 1891 and the couple's marriage date was declared in the 1911 Census as 1894!

Alfred George Wright died December, 1880. Possibly the same year of his birth in Carisbrooke
This name also appears in the 1911 Census with Alfred 30 years old.???

In 1891 Louisa and three of her children were inmates at the Union Workhouse in Brading, Isle of Wight.

Elsie Lillian
Dora Ethel
WRIGHT, Louisa Ann (I0192)
10 As at 5th August, 2021
Maria's death appears to be early January, 1892 and burial 14-1-1892
which suggests Henry's marriage to Charlotte was bigamous.
His children's names were also changed (illegally ?) at that time (1868) to Henry John and Lucy Davis from Henry John and Maria Moushall (their birth names). 
Family: Henry Thomas MOUSHALL / Charlotte Elizabeth Robinson RANKIN (F0186)
11 At the time of this marriage in 1894 when William was 50 and Louisa Ann was 35 she (or they) had two children Elsie (age 10) and Gertrude (age 4).

From 1901 Census and Marriage Ref Vol 2b Page 1017 
Family: William JOLLIFFE / Louisa Ann WRIGHT (F0041)
12 Attended Eltham North PS from 1931?
Eltham High Scool 1937/1942?

Motor mechanic apprenticeship at Richmond and 1942 - 1945? and later worked at Lyons garage in Eltham
Friend of Ken Gaston and ???? Lacey - also mechanics with interest in motor bikes ?

SHEPHERD, William George (I0094)
13 Auntie Bon (Florence) lived with Lou Wade at 21 Glass Street, North Melbourne
Married at Melbourne Registry Office

She lived with Orm Bennetts in Widford Street, Glenroy 
RANKIN, Florence Thelma Malcolm (I0022)
14 Birth name was Carl Friedrich Kleinfeldt but was changed when he was naturalized and became an Australian citizen on 15th January, 1856 KLEINFELDT, Charles (I0033)
15 Birth registration district - St George in the East, London CHAMPNESS, Oswald Rankin (I0327)
16 Birth year 1847 at Brotherton, Yorkshire OR 1848 at Todcaster?? SHEPHERD, Dick (I0189)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0222)
18 Bridget came from Ireland with bothers Sylvester, Jack? and James. She went to Queensland O'BRIEN, Bridget (I0340)
19 Buried at Eltham Cemetery 3rd March, 1945 http://www.elthamcemetery.com/ ID 3073

Recorded in Interment Register as George Henry Shephard but correction requested on 15th February, 2013 
SHEPHERD, George Harry (I0085)
20 Buried at Eltham Cemetery on 2nd February, 1966 http://www.elthamcemetery.com/ ID 3074

Burial recorded in Interment Register as Elsie Lilian Shephard. Correction requested on 15th February, 2013 
WRIGHT JOLLIFFE, Elsie Lilian (I0086)
21 Buried at Eltham Cemetery on 8th January, 1958 in grave adjacent to her parents

http://www.elthamcemetery.com/ ID 3360 
SHEPHERD, Phyllis Ellen (I0008)
22 Came from Ireland with brothers Sylvester & James & sister Bridget. Understood to have drowned near Thursday Island before ship landed in Sydney O'BRIEN, Jack? (I0341)
23 Carl Friedrich Oswald died aged 8 months KLEINFELDT, Carl Friedrich Oswald (I0036)
24 Census 31st March 1901.
Charlotte was sharing her home with son Stanley Rankin.
Declared ages 76 and 50 but more likely 79 and 55 according to birth records. 
RANKIN, Charlotte Elizabeth Robinson (I0579)
25 Colin & Ollie lived in Cambridge Street, Camberwell
Uncle Colin worked as a mail sorter for the Post Office in Melbourne

Their son Cliff was deaf and worked for Penguin Books, Ringwood 
Family: Colin Malcolm RANKIN / Olive Rose HUTCHINS (F0042)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0529)
27 Conversation with Mary on 12th June, 2012

She had four siblings : John, Ray, Margaret & Florence (both sisters died from Cancer)

Her mother's maiden name was Adelaide Gamble

Brother John lives in Kapunda S.A.
His children : Michelle, Richard and Samantha ?? 
HUNTLEY, Mary Lillian (I0253)
28 Cremated at Fawkner Crematorium 10th September, 1968 RANKIN, Rob Roy Malcolm (I0013)
29 Cremation with ashes buried (by Edith) on 23rd November, 1989

Eltham Cemetery Trust ref 3362 http://www.elthamcemetery.com/ 
RANKIN, Rob Roy Malcolm II (I0001)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Living / Living (F0108)
31 Daphne's parents were Richard Lowe-Brown and Lenella Brown (nee Swasbrook) BROWN, Daphne Evelyn (I0193)
32 Date of death may have been Q2, 1926 SHEPHERD, Dick (I0189)
33 Death certificate Reg 28246 CARROLL, Francis Leslie (I0250)
34 Despite conflicting marriage dates on record, William and Louisa have declared their years of marriage at Census time to be 1894.
1911 census - Years of marriage - 17. 
Family: William JOLLIFFE / Louisa Ann WRIGHT (F0041)
35 Died at Noble Park RANKIN, Keith Herbert Malcolm (I0015)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0252)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0063)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0347)
39 Fairham employed as an Auctioneer's Clerk RANKIN, Fairham Joseph (I0482)
40 Father of Louisa Augusta Phillips who married FTEM Rankin in 1874 PHILLIPS, William (I0052)
41 From death certificate : Mother's given name - Emma, but no father's name COTTON, Clarence (I0045)
42 FS ref GM5Y-YFY RANKIN, Abraham Goldsmith (I0330)
43 FS ref L2RX-BJW RANKIN, Joseph (I0229)
44 Funeral ceremony held home with Rod, Sue and Nichole
Maree, Rob and many of his cousins attended 
IVES, Kylie Joanne (I0102)
45 Hannah Hill, maternal grandmother attended the birth and made her mark (X) on the certificate.
Her address was given as 5 Ripponden Road, Oldham 
SHEPHERD, George Harry (I0085)
46 Henry Thomas Moushall witnessed this wedding as well as Francis' marriage to Louisa Phillips in England.
Francis Thomas Malcolm was the only child of FTEM Rankin & Louisa Augusta Phillips 
Family: Francis Thomas Exenor Malcolm RANKIN / Marie Sophia KLEINFELDT (F0002)
47 Henry Thomas Moushall witnessed this wedding as well as Francis' marriage to Sophia Kleinfeldt in Melbourne.
This marriage took place in the Parish church, Stepney.
Their address was 22 Whitehorse Road and his occupation was a tailor.
Family: Francis Thomas Exenor Malcolm RANKIN / Louisa Augusta PHILLIPS (F0003)
48 Her parents lived at 5 Halifax Road, Oldham at time of 1881 Census HILL, Elizabeth (I0190)
49 In 1843 Thomas was a draper of Epping, Essex, UK

His father was Joseph Rankin but mother's name unknown.

He had a brother called John and possibly a sister Elizabeth.

On 14 December, 1841 John Rankin married Thomas's sister-in-law Mary Groundwater. 
RANKIN, Thomas Malcolm (I0042)
50 In 1891 when Ann was 18 she was employed as a cotton weaver. SHEPHERD, Ann (I0195)

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